Skullyville Skirmishes

Ata a oint on the Fort Towson Military road (constructed 1826-27 from Fort Smith) south of Skullyville (near present Spiro), cavalry elements of Major General James G. Blunt’s advance, under command of Colonel Wiliam F. Cloud, U.S. Army, skirmished intermittently with the forces of Brigadier General William L. Cabell, C.S. Army, throughout the early morning, day and night of august 31, 1863. The Federals, after bringing up infantry and artillery, drove the Confederates soon after dark to a point near the Poteau River where Cabell decided to withdraw across the border into Arkansas. On the following day, September 1, additional action in the same campaign occurred at Backbone Mountain, near Jenny Lind in Arkansas.

From Civil War Sites in Oklahoma by Muriel H. Wright and LeRoy H. Fischer