Old Boggy Depot Skirmish

On April 24, 1865, fifteen days after Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox, Virginia, a party of twenty Confederates moving north from Boggy Depot was attacked by Union forces under the command of Brigadier General Cyrus Bussey. Three Confederates were killed and their mail captured. A letter from a Confederate paymaster stated that General Stand Watie’s command was expected soon at Old Boggy Depot to collect horses due by April 25 from forage camps in Texas. Watie, the paymaster related, would then take the offensive across the Arkansas River. For this reason General Bussey recommended that the Federal line on the Arkansas be strengthened by the addition of more troops. The mail also indicated the Confederates had no news of the fall of Richmond and Lee’s army.

From Civil War Sites in Oklahoma by Muriel H. Wright and LeRoy H. Fischer