Letter from Albert Pike to Opotheyahola

In 1861 Albert Pike wrote a letter to Creek Chief Opotheyahola offering a pardon if he and his followers agreed to join the Confederate Army.

Read the full text below:

Park Hill, Cherokee Nation
7th October 1861

The Confederate States of America hereby offers a free pardon to Hopoithle Yahola and to all Creeks and other Warriors now under him in arms against the Confederate States and the lawful authorities of the Creek Nation, (excepting only Jim Ned, a person half Delaware and half negro, who signed a treaty with them at the Wichita agency in August last), on condition that they submit and lay down their arms: and if they desire it, a Batallion of the same warriors, under a Lieutenant Colonel to be elected by themselves shall be received in the services of the Confederate States, and not marched beyond the limits of the Indian Country without their consent.

Given under my hand and seal the day and year aforesaid.
Commissioner of the Confederate States to the Indians living west of Arkansas.