George Fine Letter June 29, 1862 Transcript

Office Q. M.
Fort McCulloch
June 29th 1862

Mr David W Fine,
Dear Sir,

As I now have an opportunity of writing you by Col Gatewood I will improve it.  Though I have nothing interesting to write.  The weather continues very warm – in fact I believe I never saw warmer weather in my life.  The grass in the Prairie is actually dying out. The corn crops in this part of the country are almost an entire failure – and is said they are no better in Texas.  I think we will have to look to Washington.  Madison and Beneton counties of the Cherokee Nation for supplies for our Division of the Army.  There is a rumor that the Army will leave here shortly.  I hope it will – as I am confident we will go to Fort Gibson.

I see Gen’l  Hindman  has made Maj Pearce, Post Commandant at Fort Smith and in his order No 17  – he orders all “Public Funds” of the Q. No. Commissary, and Ordinance Dept. and all property thereof  not actually employed in the field to be turned over to him immediately. It seems to me that Gen’l Hindman is arrogating to himself too many privileges.  He can only make Pearce an acting Q. No. Commissary, and ordnance officer – and yet he issues an order whereby Commissioned officers have to report to and transfer all property belonging to their respective Depts to him.

But it cannot last long, and “every dog must have his day” – We learn from reliable authority that Maj Gen’l Hindman is superseded by Gen’l McGruder.  And if that is the case this order will be revoked.  Maj Quesinbury talks of resigning – and I believe he will I will be very sorry when he does as it will through me overboard and all his other clerks but I believe he will do every thing he can for me.  Mr Lowry is very sick and I fear he will not recover.  Parson Quaite is here.  I went to hear him preach today he gave an interesting sermon.  He seems to be somewhat dismayed about the manner in which our head officers are getting along.  He has a very contemptible opinion of the most of them.  I assure you –

We have not had any rain since I came here which was the 11th of May.  I believe it will be awful sticky if we don’t have rain soon.

I have been flattering myself for some time that I could have the pleasure of seeing you all in July but I cannot come home – we will go to work at our Quarterly Papers tomorrow – and it will take me all next month to get through with them.  I would like to be at home now for about 2 or 3 weeks.  Write every chance you get and keep me posted as to what is going on.  Are they conscripting any?  Tell me if any companies left Amhill or Cincinnati –

The Battle at Richmond is confirmed Beauregard whipped the Fed’s very badly and Stone Wall Jackson is now in Washington (Rumor).

I expect we will all be sworn in in a few days and assigned to companies from which we will be detailed to write in the Q. M. office.

I was sick a week or two ago but am well again – apparently as well as ever.  Give my respects to all inquiring friends.  Tell sissy I was sorry I could not come up when she wanted me – as it was only a few days ago I received the letter and she wanted some candles –   There are more in the Commissary and paper is the scarcest you ever saw in the Dept.  We do about half our writing on Common Brown Paper – such as merchants use for wrapping.  I wrote to “ma” by Gables – a long letter and sent her some coffee –would have sent some sugar but supposed she could find that up there – Write to me and let me know of anything you want and I will try and send it – by first chance.  My love to all Very respectfully Yours George.

To Mr. David W. Fine
Cincinnati, Ark