George Fine Letter June 2, 1862 Transcript

Fort McCulloch, C.N.
June 2nd, 1862

Dear Mother,

As I now have an opportunity of writing you a few lines I will embrace it. Gabriel is just starting to Fort Gibson in a train and I will get him to leave it with Mr. Woodward to be forwarded to you by the first opportunity.  I was surprised at not receiving a letter from some of you by “dock”.  Why did you write? I would like to hear from you so much.  However I hope we may make a movement up that way before a great while.  If not I will try & get a furlough from the Maj in July- and would like to spend that month at home.  If the Fed’s are not down upon you before then.  But I can hear of no movement of the Fed’s in that direction.  Dock has got an appointment as surgeon.  I am glad of it for I like to see my friends do well.  And Dock and I can be together occasionally he is now over at Fort Washita preparing a hospital for the sick.  I am in the better business that when I saw you last.  I am now in the office where I have to write hard all day.

This is a very pretty county down here but I don’t like it much.  We have very bad water but they are digging wells.  And I hope it will be better in a short time.  There is some sickness here though not more than could be expected considering the number of men and the water they have to drink.  The men all want to leave here and I do not blame them.  Gen’l Pike’s fortifications (or entrenchments) more properly are getting along slowly.  He has commenced here as though he intended to spend the remainder of his days here.  The Gen’l is not very highly esteemed by his soldiers.

I was at preaching on last Sunday the first meeting I have attended in some time. Heard a very good sermon.  Captain Corley from Helena officiated.  I get very lonesome down here some times.  Mr. Lowry has been sick ever since I came down and I have not had the pleasure of but very little of his company but he is getting better.  And I hope he will be able to go to business again in 2 or 3 weeks.  He had Typhoid Fever.  What do the people in our Township think of the Conscription Law.  I wish I could spend a few days with you now but will have to wait a while.

If nothing happens and I can get a furlough in July I will be with you.
write soon

no more
but remain
as ever your
dutiful son

Direct to:
G.L. Washington
care Maj. Wm Quesinbury
Pike’s Brigade
Fort McCulloch C.N.

To Mrs. Ann E. Fine
Washington Co.

My love to all inquiring friends