David Breese Letter July 10, 1864

Fort Reno
July 10, 1864

Dear wife,
I have now taken the opportunity to write and let you know that we are well and I hope that you are for I have not heard from you about 10 days perhaps that you have written and I did not get them I have written two letters since I received any from you. John Daniels will start home tomorrow and I thought that a few lines would not come amiss for a letter never comes amiss from a friend. I used to think that one letter in two or three weeks was enough but I think that about one or two a day would not come amiss.

There is great excitement but it is all poppycock there rebs about But they know better than march on these forts for it they was to come they would be ground into mince meat in less than no time they pickets brought one in yesterday he was a regular gray back he was a real sharp fellow he said that he was an orderly but when they came to examining him they thought that he was a higher officer.

I think that he was a regular spy they have sent him to the cit for trial. If they send spies there they must expect that they will be taken for our boys brings every thing that here I had to stop for they called me.

July 13 1864
Well I suppose that you are very uneasy about me and I thought that I would finish my letter so as that you need not trouble about me for I am well and so is John I suppose that you have heard of the fight we had it was all in cur mish I was not in it but John was our company was pretty much all in but me and I have two stripes on my arms and I did not get to go. I have been promoted since I left home to first corporal and that kept me out of the fight. But I saw part of the fight the boys fought like young heroes and stayed their ground they have left for Richman or some place else I don’t know where they found out that they had got to the wrong place and left they could not stand shells when the shells begin to fly they just got up and deserted they left close guns and most every thing else they only crippled of the regiment it was music to hear the shell howl they said that they had thirty thousand but it is supposed that they only ten or fifteen and perhaps that there was about seventy five or one hundred
Thousand of us they left in the night like all other horse thieves I well I must stop for this time

Write soon and let us hear from you for I have not heard from you for two week
When we will get home I can’t say but remain yours until death tell the babies to be good
So good bye for this time

David Breese