Dallas Bowman Letter March 26, 1864 Transcript

Crockett Texas
March the 26th 64

My Dear Son,

Although I wrote you a short time ago I have a gentleman [missing text] tomorrow for Gana’s [missing text]  and I am at a very great loss to know what point [missing text] mail my letters, consequently I send them by any one of [missing text] Wortheams Company who may be going. I had to exquise [missing text] sure a few days ago of reading two interesting letters [missing text] you, one dated Feb 14th and the other Feb 27th the first since Dec except one your Uncle sent me; I was truly gratified that some of mine had reached you, you spoke of some of them being old ones, indeed my dear boy if you should get them all I have written, you will receive a number, and be convinced your Mother has not been neglectful of you. No my boy no time nor change can make any change in your Mother’s love and devotion the thought of my two noble boys, who were generally so dutiful and so kind, so manlike even from childhood and so reliable when they were entrusted with any charge [missing text] sustained me and been my solace through these [missing text] and stormy years. Added to the sweet recollection of your boyhood years the good reports I heard of you as faithful soldiers as far as I know, indeed the circumstance of your holding responsible offices speak sufficiently in your favor, as comforting to my bereaved heart and feel more than rewarded for all I have ever done For you, My precious boy if you two can only survive this war and sustain an honorable reputation as brave and valiant soldiers. Were I you I would not exchange it for all the wealth of the Confederate States with the name many will have to bear, Reports have reached here that Burnets Regiment who went from this County,  a portion of them had lain down their arms and refused to fight some of them have been takened in chains to Shrieveport the impression is they will be hanged or shot. McKenzees son of the river is one I know one other of them, many disgracing themselves. These times are showing just what every one is, I am so thankful you are among the Indians, how much better off I know you have to fare hard but it is no better in the army elsewhere and I know you are more respected there and a better place to enjoy a little liberty and a better chance to be promoted, I was well phased to learn you were holding the office of Ordnance. And now my boy let your darling Mother advise you a little, you know well her advice is good and you were always a good boy to listen to her advice and act according, I know your abilities to do what you are amind to none can surpass you for determination and perseverance, the way to succeed and grow in favor with superior officers is to be vigilant in discharge of every duty that is imposed upon you, be always attentive upon the watch, be punctual in every [particular and prove by every action that you are worthy of the trust resting upon you, be ever truthful, never deceive, never allow any temptation of present enjoyment to draw you from the post of duty, turn over.

Treat every one with respect due them, and you will certainly succeed. Now my boy not think I am presuming to much, I am very conceited of you and do think you must have managed admirably, going out so young, and still you are but a boy. Did you think of it 3 day after tomorrow is your birth day. If it were not school day I should try to celebrate it in someway to in honor of my boy. You are 20 then if living. I must write a piece in your scrapbook I take it out every Sunday must and read and think of you. Also your letters-I must now tell you myself I I commenced school the first day of this month. In july my term will be up I have a full school 24 or 5 pupils charge 50.00 session, if I live until then and you do. I must try to see you. If you cannot come to see me I shall try and come to see you, I will try to write a few times to the Gen’l to grant you  a furlough, as much as I want to see you my boy, and I believe no one ever wished to see another more earnestly than I do you, I would not have you lose a good position by leaving. You can tell how that will be better than I can, my mind is fully made after this school which is four months to wait no longer, nor to let any thoughts of expense, keep me form you, then I will take you cloth clothing. (That is if you cannot come) I was grateful you had heard of your clothing , I pray you have them in this time. Capt Wortham and Adjutant Lewis made me many promises to take care of you, I wish you could form their acquaintance, it would be swell an advantage in our hearing from each other. I hear the Enemy are in possession of Alexandia Red River rising. I expect there will be warm times in Texas this spring. I just trust my God I know He has kept you two and me through many dangers and He will preserve us on id we will pray to Him. My dear child I do not forget to ask God to take care of you daily and I hope you will remember to ask Him as I have taught you I pray that you may be spared and learn to love and serve God. I know from experience there is nothing like that peace of mind one enjoys who lives with the purpose of doing Gods holy will, and giving ourselves up for His guidance.

Write my dear Son Granville send him my love ask him to write to me, as you are not together I desire you should correspond and be loving, there is nothing so sweet and sacred as the love of brothers, present my kind rigards to Mr Boon, tell him I feel so kinly towards him for his kindness to you May God bless you is the prayer of Your Mother, L.T.B.

Dallas W. Bowman
Ordnance Serjeant
1st CSC Regiment
2nd Indian Brigade

Doaksville, CN

Capt Wortham
Adjutant Lewis
Will please
forward to

Favor of Mr Hazelett