Dallas Bowman Letter January 26, 1863 Transcript

Camp Cole Creek
January the 26th 1863

Dear Uncle,

Yours by Bradley came to hand a few days ago and its contents hily appreciated. I was glad to hear from you & that you were still enjoying good health. I received the tobacco which you purchased for me. You did not send me a bill of it so that I could you the money to pay for it, but I will make it all right when I see you, which will be but a short time from reports. Our horses have all died up from starvation and it is reported that we will be furlowed to mount ourselves again. In a short time, my horse did not die but I sold him to keep from loosing him and bought another little mare for 70 Dollars less than I got for my horse. I thought it would be better to loose her than to loose my Horse which had coat me so much money. We have had a great deal of bad weather raining and one big snow and nearly all of our Confederate mules have died up. What few horses we have left was sent off to Fort Washitaw where they can get corn for them we will leave here in the morning for Fort Washitaw to have winter Quarters. We will have to wlak but as we have ox teams it will not be very fatiguing. Roper was even at Northfork in the Creek Nation a few days ago and saw some Negroes for sail. They were advertised to be sold on the 15th of this month but as there was no person there the sale was put of[f] until the 20th of February. He thinks they will go very low as there is no demand for them. They will be sold on time with good security I think if you want a bargain you had better come up to Washitaw and I will go up with you

I have no war news to communicate to you except Homes and Hindmans has been fighting at Little Rock for several days we have not heard the result but last account they were whipping the enemy back. The Federals have been to VanBuren and could have gone in Fort Smith if had wanted to we were at Scullyville at the time and you ought to have seen us geting away I tell you we left there in a hurry, And I have several other letters to write I must close Bradley can tell you all about how we are getinga long. Boone sends his regards to you my respects to all, Adieu.

Dallas W. Bowman

You will please send me about 2 dozen Envelopes and ½ Quire of paper as it cant be had in this country


G.B. Alexander

Carthage, Texas