Dallas Bowman Letter August 16, 1863 Transcript

Camp Cooper Creek Nation
Aug the 18th 1863

Dear Mother,

Those who like our selves have cherished a warm and true attachment must necessarily share the joys and sorrows of each other. Judge them, dear, Mother, how painful has been the state of my feelings since I heard of your ill health, not withstanding your letters assurance of your convalescence, I feel very uneasy about you though I hope that by the aide of a good Physician it will soon be overcome. I am rather low spirited myself since I heard of Vicksburg’s Port Hudson’s falling there another thing that helps it on is we, that is our Army, have been defeated here lately, the lost fights we had was one month ago yesterday about 12 miles above this camp where we were badly disappointed we all were too sure of whipping them but no, we fought over 8 hours under heavy fire all the time, but at last their firing begins to get too heavy for us at the same time dismounting one of our peace of canon we were compelled to fall back, and our men began to [unintelligible] which caused confusion and we had a general stampede, the enemy followed Us out to a prairie about a half mile from the battle ground) at which time our Battallion charged on them and held them in check until the train could get out of the way, our loss was one hundred and thirty. I never have been able to ascertain what [unintelligible] loss. We were reinforced by Gen Cabell and moved back to the battle ground but this would not come over any more. Gen Cabell has gone back to Fort Smith and our Command have fallen back to this place, the Federals still hold Fort Gibson. I visited them the other day for the first time since I have been in the service. There was eleven of us went over under a flag of peace, all of their big officers came to see us and treated us to as much whiskey as we could drink and as many cigars as we could smoke. They kind and sociable, they tried to get me to join them but no couldnt stand the [unintelligible]. Ms Bradley and Capt Vawters’ wife came up this trip with Bradley. They both look look very nice and sweet. They have not come out to camps yet but said they were coming to day, I was out to see them yesterday. They are at North Fork about 5 miles from camps. It is getting late and meal time for [unintelligible] and I will have to close but my close will say of the health in camp.

The health is generally very good, my health is good enough at present but the weather is so very warm that I can hardly live. I have not from Gran since he left for Fort Arbuckle only through Boone. He is well and has been in Hospital steward at that place. I get a letter occasionally from Fonnie. Sometimes she speaks of you but as a general thing she is getting to write me some very cool letters.

I am as ever your affectionate son,

Dallas W. Bowman

P.S. our company is no longer Gen Coopers bodyguard but are thrown in to a Battalion with four other Companies. Capt Wells is Lt. Col. Capt. Gillett Major and David Vawter is Capt. of our Company. Back your letter to Capt.Vawters co Col Wells Battalion Q.S.


So far as clothing is concern I have done very well so far but I will need some this winter but I will come home this fall.