Cyrus Byington Letter September 26, 1864 Transcript

Since writing Capt Newport has been promoted to Colonel and Chief TN Balto Depot

I cannot inform you now how letters can be got through to the Nation but think I will in a few weeks.  I have written several letters to my wife some of which she will probably get.

Depot Quartermaster’s Office
Property Department
Baltimore, Md Sept 26th 1864

My Dear Sister,

I received your letter enclosing from Sophie and this morning one from George.  I am glad to hear that you are well.  I had a call from R L Nye yesterday; he stopped here all day his Regt is out near Harper’s Ferry.  He looked very well.  The service seems to agree with him.  Capt Newport returned last week from his visit to Ohio when he left his wife.  She will probably spend the winter with her friends there.  The weather is very fine indeed and not withstanding my heaviness of heart I feel quite well.  I shall try to put on a cheerful face and make the best of my misfortune but it is hard after working as had as I did to make something then to have it all taken away.  I may recover some of it but SI do not expect it, it is all lost but what is the use of mulling over the past as you say I am young yet.  I have time to regain my lost fortunes.  Reuben is two years younger than I am and his hair is very grey.  I was very much surprised to see it so.

John McKean, I presume you remember him.  He is two years younger than I am.  His head is almost white comparing myself with them I think I can appear very favorable as to age, for I have very few grey hairs in my head and I know neither of them have been through what I have.  I hope you will write as you have opportunity of course I do not expect every letter answered as you have a large family and many things to do but your letters seem to cheer me and make me to look up.  I attend church regularly at the Charles St Ch.  Dr Sewell pastor.  A very able man and besides a strong union man.  I hope Pres Lincoln will be reelected for I believe his election will do more for us here at home than any thing else we can do.  It will show Jeff Davis and his crew what the north are determined to do.  Gen Grant was here the other day but I did not see him.  We have good news from the valley.  I shall write Sophie.  She does very well for a girl of her age.  We have a great deal of fruit here.  I do not know where it comes from for my part.  Peaches are still abundant and cheap and so are sweet potatoes.  I must close I have not got my clothes get – I wish that I was able to get me a new coat – Love to all affectingly your brother Cyrus.

Cousin Libbie is to be married next month this may be a secret in Belphre and if so don’t make it public.  I saw Waldo he has indeed lived to return home.  The Draft is going in the city without any trouble or not.  I do hope Lincoln will be reelected  then I want to see him come down on those copperheads and secessionists received a short letter from Dr Hobbs and answered it.

Love affectionately to everyone, your brother, Cyrus