Cyrus Byington Letter May 5, 1864 Transcript

Little Rock Arkansas
May 5th 1864

Capt Lyman Richardson AGM,

The bearer hereof well known to me, whose friends and sister lives in Marietta Ohio, is a refugee from Camden Arkansas brought through under my care he wishes a refugees transportation not having any means that will do him any good here or at the north.  I can vouch for his being a good and true man having voluntarily taken the amnesty oath at the first opportunity in Camdon – He graduated in 1857 at Marietta College, Marietta O.  My residence as well as his friends and relatives to which place he wishes to go.

Yours truly,

Thom. B Mason
Col 77th OVV Infantry

P.S. The bearers name is
Cyrus Nye ByingtonSon of the Rev. Dr. Byington Missionary to Indians for 40 years

St A M Guire Addm Duvalls Bluff Ark
Will please furnish the necessary transportation
Syman Richardson
Capt Addd M

Officer of Bro Nem for Little Rock May 6, 1864
I recommend that transportation be furnished as mother requested


Little Rock May 8, 1864. Capt. Richardson [unintelligible] will furnish transportation for the within [unintelligible] Byington to Memphis, Tenn by order of Maj. Gen. F. Smith.
W.D. [unintelligible]