Cyrus Byington Letter March 29, 1864 Transcript

Doaksville, C N
March 29th 1864

My Dear Sister,

I received yours of the first – last spring.  I have not written either you or George for a long time having nothing in particular to write about but as you have – I’ll try and answer it.  I left home last October and have not been back since.  I would have gone down this spring but Mr Kingsbury left us last week for new York City and New Orleans; he will not return before the first of June.  I and another young man are left here in charge of the store.  I get $3000 per month with my board and washing.  Next year if I remain I can get more.  Doaksville is not the place that it use to be.  Only as few families live in town.  Oliver’s family is the only one that you are acquainted with.  We have but little society.  Mrs Gooding still lives at the Fort with Caroline and Henry.  I go over to see them now and then and they always inquire after you.  They seem very cheerful and enjoy life pretty well.  The Gov of the Nation Bazil Leflore lives near them.

Old Fort Towson is a sad sight nothing but the brick chimney and stone walls remain of that beautiful place.  It was burnt down.   I came home.  I received a letter from home last evening.  She tells me that our meeting house is in ashes, it was burnt at night and is not known how or in what way it happened.  It is a sad and serious loss to that – neighborhood.  Abolitionist Chamberlain still remains at the school.  Why he is not run out of the country is one of the seven mysteries.  He doesn’t give and besides is upholding doctrines that are repugnant to the South.

Rev C Kingsbury looks about as usual.  Cyrus Kingsbury and family are living with him.  I was over in Paris Texas not long since I saw Mr and Mrs Hadden.  They asked about you.  They live in town and have a very neat little place.  I saw also Mr Hamill and wife and Dr Gibson who once lived here.  Paris is quite a large town and is growing very rapidly.  I expect to purchase some land near the town this summer. Henry Hotchkin is living with his parents on Red River above the mouth of Boggy. He will be married next fall to Miss Mary Temple a young lady from Steubenville Ohio who is now teaching school at CC Copelands.  She will return home in July and Henry will go after her and bring her back as his wife.  The political affairs of the nation are still very unsettled.  Next Wednesday the people will have an election on the new Constitution which was formed last January.  It seems as if the Choctaws are not capable of self government.  A great many are in favor of sectioning the county and many are apposed to it.  What the future of this nation will be no one can tell.  We are certain of one thing and that is that it will soon be open to immigration.  Gen Cooper our agent says that the country will be sectioned in less than a year.  This of course will open it to all from the states.  I am glad to hear that you and the children keep well.  You certainly must have your hands full to take care of them all and presume you find but little leisure time to write or visit among your friends.  I should like very much to see you all once more.  It seems as if I lead a miserable life.  I have but little happiness and this drives me on to seek employment that will keep down my feelings and heap up my spirits.

I don’t think that I shall ever be contended to settle down in life a married man.  My dispositions and inclinations are roaming in their nature.  If I could find some young lady that suited me I would marry, but that seems to be the difficulty, no one to be had that suits.  I don’t know, but what I shall have to look for one out here.  I have but my few correspondents in Ohio tho I would like it if it was different.  I hope you will not forget me.  I may some day make you a visit, but do not know how soon that will be.  I am making some money now and I wish to stick to my business until I have made some property.  I do not know what Father intends to do about his property in Ohio.  It is very probable from what mother says that he will go on next fall to attend the General Assembly and also make you a visit; he can then make some arrangement in regard to it.  I must close this now, with the intention of writing you again after my visit home.  Marion wishes to be remembered to you.  She has a fine little boy nearly a year old.  He is one of the best babies I know of.  They call him Cyrus after his grandpa.  Do not forget to write to mother once in a while.  Remember me and Uncle Pitts family.  I have written to ____ ____ ___ wrote to Huldah long ago.  I hope Julia Stone will unite in marriage with some fool before long.   Love to all the children with much affection I remain your brother.