Cyrus Byington Letter June 17, 1865 Transcript

Baltimore MD
June 17th 1865

My Dear Parents,

I have received your letters of April 7th.  You cannot imagine how relieved and how thankful I felt to know that you were well and still had the necessaries of life.  My health is quite good, but not entirely so; anxiety and trouble has weighed upon me.  I have written you but perhaps you have not received any of my letters.  Lucy and her children were well when I last heard from them.  Old Mr Dana died last spring.  Julia Stone is dead, also Joseph Lovell, Sarah Nye’s husband.  Uncle Arius is in very feeble health.  William his son, died a year or more ago.  Many changes have taken place in Belpn and Marietta.

Eliza Chamberlain wrote me last fall and said that Joseph Howell died on the day of the first Bull Run Battle; but she did not state when he died or when he was buried.  I have written for full particulars so as to write to friend Peter his brother, all about his sickness, death and burial place.  I shall send this to Little Rock care of Rev Thos Welch and I hope you may get it in due time.  The weather is quite warm and dry, here now.  I was very much distressed to hear that Father’s eye sight had failed him.  So much so, that he has to discontinue his translations of the Bible.  I fear he has worked his eyes too severely.  I had a letter from Uncle Spencer Byington and one from his daughter Lucy.  Henry was about to be married and thought of moving west.  The family seems well.  I also received a letter from Dr Hobbs making inquiries in relation to the death of Dr Kingsbury for he said he had seen a notice in the New York Observer that he was dead and wrote me about it.  I told him to correct that notice and state that the Old Dr was still living but I further informed him that Mr Kingsbury was dead.  Rev John Edwards is in California.

Lizzie Culbertson married a minister and went to China, I do not know where Miss Browning is?  Virginia Nye married Henry Ford of Watertown Ohio and moved to Iowa.  Mary Nye still wears mourning for the death of Dawes her intended husband who died a year or more before the war.  She is also quiet deaf.  Uncle A T looks pretty much as he use too but is not quite so fleshy.  Aunt R remains about the same.  Her brothers Jacob and Oliver are both dead and Gus is in an insane asylum.  Becca bids fair to be as large as her mother.  Maria has grown tall.  Jim married one of Mr Frank’s daughters.  Ben is at home with his Father in the store.  Jup has quite a family.  Uncle Pitt and Aunt Rowina are both well.  Libbie married Ed Stone son of Deacon Francis Stone last fall.  Eva is the only one led of the family unmarried.  Gus Curtis and Lottie live in Herman in the same house they use to.  The Bridge across the Nuscigum is finished.  I could write you much more but I must close hoping you may have the pleasure of receiving these few lines.  You are not forgotten by us, your children nor have your relatives.  I hope God in his own good time will permit us to meet again on earth.  From your affectionate son, C N Byington.

Mr Lawrence of Washington Ark will please forward to Rev Cyrus Byington, of Eagletown Choctaw Nation Ark