Cyrus Byington Letter August 11, 1865 Transcript

Please forward Rev Cyrus Byington
Washington Oklahoma
Care of Isaac LawrenceWashington Ark
Postage stamp enclosed from Rev Mr ______

Belphie, Ohio
Aug 11th 1865

Dear Mother,

I am this far in my way to Ark after Eliza, and expect to reach Little Rock about the 1st of Sept.  I am waiting to settle up some little business with Uncle A T, Uncle Arius is dead.  He died last month after a long and painful illness.  The rest of our relatives are living and are well.  Mary Nye is here with me.  We are giving up so M this afternoon.  We go by R. road and  it takes only a few minutes to run up.  The family here are well.  Old Mr Dana died last spring.  I think it would be well for you to come to Ohio this fall or spring and make a visit, or buy a place here to live.  All are very anxious you should do so especially Aunt Riveria.  I know you would find it pleasant.  I hope I shall meet Eliza in Camden.  I regret very much she was induced to leave and go to Texas, for I cannot hear from her now and if she has not returned by the time I get in, I do not know how I can go after her.  I hope to find some way of getting to Camden from the Rock and if I get there and find her still in Texas I will feel bad enough.  I had a letter from Mary Hotchkin. She is at home with her mother.  I am anxious to see Cyrus R before starting.  The family are out at Water______, I thought of getting a home and going out there to see him.  Sophie has gone up the Muskegon on a visit.  She has grown very much, very tall and slender, you would not know her.  The children are all at home and talk about you and Father.  They are very anxious to see you, Sophie particularly.  She wants to go after you and bring you to Ohio.  I saw Cyrus Roysden the other day.  He was very well.  I wanted to send a letter by him but he left very soon after I saw him.  Belphrie is improving very much.  The road has been changed so that it runs quite near the house.  Libby Putnam married Col Shore.  Saw Deacon Stone last fall.  They think of going west to live if they can sell out here.  I hope you keep well.  I shall have letters for you from friends and probably some photographs.  Mary Hotchkin says Father is in delicate health.  This makes us feel more anxious.  I hope mail facilities will soon be expanded then you can get letters as before.  The people have given much.  Oil has been the great question among speculators and others in this portion of the state.  I am writing with Georges’ pen and it is the pencil I have had in my hand since I have been north, it’s a gold one too, but it does not suit me at all.

And now dear Mother good bye.  I hope we shall be permitted to meet again soon.  All send a great deal of love.

Your affectionate and absent son,